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There’s nothing like riding on a bicycle, but there is something that can be even better. An electric bike has all of the capabilities of a standard bike, but comes with the advantage of being able to tap into the power of an electric motor. These bikes provide faster speeds and give riders a greater feeling of excitement. There are lots of bikes on the market, and among them, many that can be used for whatever purpose the rider desires. From simple bikes that can travel on the road, to more advanced bikes that can ride down the side of a hill and kick up a lot of dirt, there is an electric bike you will like, and you can decide which one is the right one for you with

As a practical riding option that costs less than a normal motorcycle, or as a fun recreational vehicle, a electric mini bike is an excellent personal vehicle. Electric mini bikes are great for people who are just getting into the world of riding due to their compact size. Adults and kids can enjoy them, and will be able to take comfort in knowing that the mini bikes are safer because their maximum speeds are lower than what motorcycles and other faster vehicles can achieve. Although they may not be street legal, they can still be used for a fun time on private property or many off road locations like the woods.

Electric mini bikes like Monster Moto‘s are a great options, offering 1000 and 250 watts of power respectively. They’re easy to assemble, charge in 5 to 6 hours, have durable frames, and can ride over smooth and rough terrain at around 11 mph for the 250 and 17 mph for the 1000.

Of course, regular mini bikes aren’t the only kind of electric bike that exists. There are electric dirk bikes for those who really want to experience the pleasure of riding off road. Electric bikes in this category are built for bumps, jumps, and all of the rough hits that can come with riding on an uneven terrain. While there are mini bikes that can fall under the category of electric dirt bike, such as the Razor MX 350 and RSF 650, the full sized options deliver more power and speed, with some even being street legal.

Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Dirt BikeRazor MX350


Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650


Well known options like the KTM Freeride E-XC can go up to 50 mph with less than 2 hours of charging time. The Kalk by Cake puts the power of a dirt bike that can go up to 56 mph with a lithium ion battery that charges in 2.5 hours, and the Redshift MX by Alta Motors can do similar numbers, reaching 50 mph with 2 hours of charge time. The impressive suspension on these electric dirt bikes will make riding off road a fun experience.

Buying new or used is something that many people choose to do to get an electric bike, but some people prefer to get a little more hands on with their bikes. Anyone with enough knowledge can convert a standard pedal bike into an electric one, or if they’re feeling adventurous, they can build an entirely new bike frame from scratch and add the necessary electric components. There are kits available for making the conversion, and the cost if often much less than the price of some of the higher priced electric bikes.

By creating your own electric bike, you gain the ability to customize the bike to your liking. You can add batteries with voltage levels from 24V to 72V that will determine, along with the motor, how much power and speed the bike will have. Most kits have a speed controller, throttle, and hub motor. Some mid-drive motor kits exist for direct power to the crank, but they’re more expensive and harder to install.

Kids really love the idea of having an electric bike, because it lets them zip around and feel the same excitement that adults feel. The speeds of these bikes are in the realm of what is safe enough for kids to ride while reducing the chances of injury. These smaller electric bikes share similar designs to those used by full sized adult bikes, as well as braking and suspension systems that make them easy to control and ride over different kinds of terrain.

An electric bike like the Street Racer New Ducati Motorcycle is a great e-bike for kids because it can only go up to 4 mph. It features two 12 volt motors and LED wheels and training wheels for added safety and stability. Kids who are old enough for an electric bike with a little extra power can try something like the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket, which can go up to 14 mph and has knobby tires for stability in the dirt.

Sometimes a normal electric bike won’t be enough when you have to deal with an area that isn’t level like a normal street. These areas can be full of rocky and dirty spots, and a normal bike would simply have trouble navigating them. When going up and down a trail, an electric mountain bike can come in handy. These bikes have a mid-drive motor that delivers the power and torque needed to comfortably climb and descend. These motors are more efficient than the ones found in regular electric bikes, leading to better suspension performance and weight distribution. More assistance is provided by the motor as you pedal more intensely.

A bike like the Scott’s Genius eRIDE 920 would be a good all around option, which uses a 500 Wh battery, Shimano Steps E8000 pedal assisted motor, and can reach 20 mph in boost mode. For an electric mountain bike that does exceptionally well at climbing, the Cannondale Moterra Neo 1 can be used. It has a shorter travel, but can ascend terrain with a quick acceleration due to its Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 500 Wh battery. One of the most powerful options is the Specialized Turbo Levo Expert, with a 700 Wh battery and Brose Specialized 2.1 motor that can even be adjusted with a smartphone app.

Size can be a major factor when looking for an electric bike, as some people may not have the space to store a big bike, nor do they want to carry around something heavy. Folding electronic bikes exist for this specific purpose, because they can be folded up into smaller sizes that can be stored away in the trunk of a car, on a city bus, or indoors. Even with their folding abilities, these bikes still perform well and have the structural integrity to support the weight of a person easily. They’re perfect for people who use bikes to commute every day.

Eahora X6 Folding Electric Bicycle

Eahora X6 Folding Electric Bicycle

One of the most affordable options is the Swagtron EB1, which reaches 12.4 mph. The Montague E-Crosstown has a size that is closer to a full sized bike, while still having folding abilities. It can reach 25 mph and travel 30 miles with 7 speeds. The Blix Vika Travel is a light folding bike that weights 38 pounds and features a 250w hub motor that can deliver 17 mph.

Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike

The perfect electric bike for you depends on your needs. If you just need a bike that will be used to go around the city, a folding bike might be good. You might consider a mini bike, dirt bike, or mountain bike if you want to hit the trails. Whatever the case, can help you find right electric bike.