DIY Electric Bike

Build Your Own DIY Electric Bike At Home With The Best Conversion Kits 


As the electric bike scene heats up with each passing day, the thought of owning your very own electric bike might have crossed your mind a few times. However, did you know that you can convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike and get to enjoy all their associated benefits without having to spend a huge amount of your hard earned cash on a new electric bike?


Electric bike conversion kits are designed to help you convert your regular road, mountain or hybrid bike into a highly capable electric version. To convert your bike into an electric version you simply need to attach a drive unit to the bottom bracket of your bike or replace either the rear or front wheel with a powered one; and just like that you will be able to transform your cycling experience.


With that in mind, read on below to find out more about the best electric bike conversion kits on the market.


EBIKELING Front Or Rear Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

EBIKELING Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit



Front or rear wheel electric bicycle conversion kits are considered to be the easiest way through which you can convert your regular bike into an electric powered variant. The front wheel conversion kit is by far the easiest one to install; all you need to do is replace the front wheel with the powered one, leaving the rest of the bike untouched.


The rear wheel conversion kit is on the other hand is more popular than its front mounted alternative; in fact most electric bikes feature a rear wheel mounted motor. One of the main reasons for this is that it ensures that the rider enjoys better traction and overall control throughout their ride.


The EBIKELING Direct Drive Motor electric bike conversion kit can be used to replace the rear or front wheel. This gives buyers the freedom to choose their most preferred option. Here’s everything you need to know about this waterproof electric bike conversion kit.




  • This conversion kit is rated for a 30mph top speed, thanks to the 40V 1200 Watt motor.
  • While the kit comes with an LED display, buyers can upgrade to an LCD version which displays among others error codes to make trouble shooting more straightforward, battery percentage, distance covered – per trip and in total -, as well as wattage.
  • Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) to ensure that you continue to pedal as and whenever you want.




In addition to designing high quality electric bike conversion kits that go with all types of bikes, regardless of make or brand, EBIKELING offers buyers the freedom to choose each and every component, such as thumb or twist throttles and LED or LCD display units among others, included in the kit to ensure a perfect fit.




On the down side, this kit, like many others on the market does not come with a tire or battery pack included. However, the kit’s reasonable pricing and undeniable quality more than makes up for this.


BAFANG BBS02B Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit (48V, 750W)

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While rear and front electric bike conversion kits boast easy and straightforward installation, mid drive or bottom bracket mounted conversion kits offer better weight distribution across the bike frame. In mountain biking, where you bike’s balance plays an essential role, mid drive conversion kits are the best option.


The BAFANG Mid drive electric conversion kit is one of the most powerful crank set mounted conversion kits with a 48V 750W mid drive motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 20-24mph. Here’s what you can expect from this conversion kit.




  • A 48V 750 watt BBS02B mid drive motor with speed sensor magnets and thumb throttle
  • Fits standard 68 to 73 mm bottom bracket on all bikes, including road, mountain and fatbikes
  • Programmable LCD display panel
  • Break levers
  • Aluminum Chain ring and cover




The BAFANG mid drive electric bike conversion kit is designed to be easy to install and use. It can be installed on all sorts of bicycles including mountain, road and hybrid variants.


Given its reasonably low asking price, it is also one of the most affordable mid drive conversion kits currently on the market.


As you can see, converting your regular bicycle into a highly capable electric version is as easy as choosing the most suitable electric bike conversion kit!