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Emmo is one of the fastest-growing electric bike retailers in Canada. The company is headquartered in Toronto Canada and currently offers eight e-bike models with great quality and performance. They have a great selection of electric bikes for you to choose from. Staring from sleek e-bikes like the Emmo F7 to the latest Emmo VGO, the company provides a great lineup of electric bikes to suit the needs and budget of all customers in Canada. The Emmo F7 folds into a suitcase. The step-through design of the e-bike makes it quite safe to get on and off. The Mag rim design is stylish and durable compared to most of the competitor products. It has two drive modes such as throttle-assisted and pedal. There are six gears for pedaling to cope with different road conditions in the country. The front and rear disc brakes provide the best stopping technology on the market today.

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Emmo VGO 2.0 is the latest product of the company. With their vast knowledge and experience in e-biking and state of the art components from Tektro, Shimano, and other brands, Emmo has made the best electric bike on the market today. The VGO 2.0 has a step-through frame design with an upgraded suspension that’s rigorously designed and tested. This new product from Emmo is the perfect combination of easy handling, lightweight, strength, and durability. The e-bike is equipped with a 500W super torque motor. The 48V removable li-ion battery is upgraded to let you travel 40 km with the throttle and 100 km pedaling.

The only problem with most of the Emmo electric bikes is the high price. The Emmo F7 and VGO 2.0 are both priced above $1,500 per piece. That’s why many customers prefer to look for high-quality alternatives to Emmo electric bikes. If you are searching for a viable and cheap alternative to Emmo electric bikes, you have come to the right place. There are many high-quality and affordable alternatives to Emmo e-bikes. Here are 3 of the best alternatives to Emmo electric bikes.

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

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The Ancheer electric bike is a popular choice with many customers who are disheartened due to the high price tag of Emmo electric bikes. It’s a sturdy and ultralightweight folding bike by Ancheer. The aluminum collapsible frame helps fold the bike and store it under your desk when not in use. The disc brake system – front and rear – is great for stopping the bike immediately. The dual shock absorption lets you ride the bike in comfort. The 26-inch ultra-strong wheels and slip-resistant thick tires are salient features of this e-bike.

Ecotric Electric Mountain Bike

ECOTRIC Electric mountain Bike


The Ecotric mountain e-bike is another viable alternative to the expensive Emmo bike. It has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. The Shimano 7-gear shifting system, fat tires, S900 LED panel, 6km cruise at a constant speed, one key repair function, and the strong driving force are some of the popular features of this e-bike. The e-bike has an ergonomic design, adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar, and anti-slip wear resistant tires. The e-bike weighs 58 pounds while the load capacity is around 260 pounds. This bike is great on the road, the beach, on trails and snow.

Cyclamatic GTE Electric Mountain Bike


This is another great alternative to the Emmo electric bike. It has a Li-ion battery with a 37-mile range. The e-bike uses leading components such as Shimano gears, 700C Alloy Frame, 700C Wheels, front and rear mudguards, bell & reflectors, Kenda tires, quick release battery, and more. The product is ideal for teenagers over 14 years of age. With a low frame to climb over, getting on and off the bike isn’t difficult. This makes the Cyclamatic GTE a perfect companion for your busy lifestyle.

All these electric bikes are priced under $800. When compared to expensive Emmo electric bikes, these products are great alternatives to you. That’s why you need to invest in the best electric bike depending on your requirements and budget.

Are you searching for a superior electric bike on the market? If so, you have come to the right place. The aforementioned article provides information on 3 of the best alternatives to Emmo electric bikes.