Goplus Electric Bike

The new Goplus electric bike models have an aluminum alloy frame that’s lightweight yet durable. It’s available in three different models, with each having the ability to turn you from an e-Bike rider and into an adventurer and explorer. Here’s a look at the top goplus electric bike models and their features:


Goplus 20” Electric Mountain Bike Bicycle

Goplus 20 inch fat tire Electric Mountain Bike Bicycle E-Bike


  • Premium Quality:`The e-mountain bike has adopted a 100 percent aluminum alloy frame that’s very light and the same time durable. It has a front fork made from high-strength carbon steel for a greater braking effect. The wheels are also made out of top-tier rubber that isn’t very easy to abrade. There’s really no purpose of having an e-bike if it won’t last for long.
  • Damping Front Wheel and Seat Post: The seat post comes featuring a premium comfort shock absorber and front fork. This makes it more stable and more comfortable to ride through a rough road without feeling uncomfortable, even on a steep trail.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: It features two hydraulic disc brakes with a 6-speed transmission system. So you can select any speed range to make your journey with a Shimano speed shifter. The two disc brakes operate perfectly to protect and protect your safety. It also includes a bright LED headlamp plus horn for night riding.
  • Removable Lithium Battery: It features a 48V 350W 8AH lithium-ion battery. It comes equipped with a smart lithium battery charging system that can make your ride last up to 35 kms. Lithium-ion battery generally avoids an overcharge. It has an average charge time of 8 hours and a 25mi full charge endurance.
  • 2 working Mode: This feature combines two modes, Assisted bicycle & E-bike. By selecting the E-bike, you’ll be enjoying a long-time trip while also exercising. Combining these two modes is the best choice of bike.

The color coating can either come in Red, Black or silver. It can be used for long journeys, exercising, dating, or general commuting. Other specifications of interest include:

  • Droplet-shaped Aluminum Alloy: This bike is built with 100 percent aluminum alloy framing that’s heavy-duty, safe, and adopted towards durability. The droplet-shaped frame allows for easy maneuverability and assists people to cycle more steadily.
  • Shock Absorbing fork: The shock-absorbing fork has a U-frame and stretches upwards on a flat road surface and bounces downwards onto the bumpy road. It typically acts as a buffer zone to improve the riding experience and to reduce fatigue caused by bumps.
  • Speed Shifter and Brakes: The 6-speed transmission system comes with a Shimano Speed Shifter that allows you to select the speed you want. The brakes are flexible and responsive as they can stop immediately; you press the handles. The 2 disc brakes are very sensitive and can guarantee your safety. The wheels also come with anti-skid grooves that enhance gripping ability and friction.


Goplus Folding Lightweight Electric Bicycle

Goplus Folding Electric Bike 350W Lightweight E-Bike Mini Electric Bicycle


  • Better Safety: To enhance safety, this electric bike features braking tail lights and front headlight for better safety. With this sort of design, the chances of accidents occuring are significantly low. You can also ride freely at night with lighting. And to offer a great riding experience, the tires come with shock-absorbent material.
  • Smart App: For a better riding experience, this bike comes with APP. So you have the power to lock the bike, adjust the speed, get controller temperature, and any other info from the APP.
  • Folding Head Design: When the big head is not being used, it can easily be folded to save up on space. Before folding, it can be around 34.5” and after folding be 20”. The folding design is also meant for convenience during transportation.
  • Cruise Control System: This is the best feature of them all! The cruise control feature allows the bike to continue at a constant speed. This automatically eases driving fatigue and reduces unnecessary speed changes and saves on the electric.
  • 19 Mph & 12.5-mile range: The bike can reach a max speed of up to 19mph and cover a 12.5 mile an hour range. But with a weight capacity of 132Lbs while on the ground. That can for sure satisfy your daily requirements.
    The Go plus Folding Electric Bicycle gets you where you need to be faster, has a friendly design, and is generally easy to carry.


Goplus 26” Electric Mountain Beach Snow Bicycle

Goplus 26 Inch Electric Bike E-Bike Mountain Beach Snow Bicycle Fat Tire Bike


This bike reaches top speeds of up to 12.5mph and has a removable 36V lithium battery. The performance is designed specifically for powerful and athletic riding. It can master any style of riding from asphalt, to trail, or steep to flat. It comes with an ergonomic design, three riding modes, and 2 brakes and headlights included.

The strong driving force of the e-bike gives it enough power to provide the right power at the right time. It generally has excellent terrain adaptability.