Pedego Bikes

Affordable Alternatives To Pedego Bikes

Pedego is a company that is well known for their electric bikes. Although these bikes are high in quality, they also come at a high price point. These prices may put people off from buying an electric bike all together, but there is hope. There are other electric bikes that cost much less than Pedego’s bikes, and have comparable features and quality.

Pedego sells a total of 19 different bikes across four categories: city, cruiser, off-road, and specialty. The cruisers are general purpose bikes, city bikes are for those who commute in the city, off-road bikes are useful for travel in off-road areas, and specialty bikes are used for specific purposes, such as carrying cargo or letting more than one person ride. The bikes have quiet motors, Bluetooth connectivity, app functionality, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for power. Their cheapest bikes, the Comfort Cruiser and the City Commuter: Lite Edition, are $1,895, while some of their more expensive bikes, like the Conveyor, cost nearly $5,000.

One alternative to the Pedego bikes is the ANCHEER 26/16“ Electric Mountain Bike. This bike has the ability to function as a normal bike, a motor assisted bike, and a full electric bike with its 250W motor powered by a 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery , and can increase speed with the use of the throttle. The transmission has 21 speeds, with the bike being able to reach a max speed of 15 mph. and there are brakes in the front and rear. It has a frame made of aluminum and can be adjusted for each rider’s height, and it can be folded up, making it easier to store. There is even an LED headlamp that works well when traveling in areas with low light.


M2S Bikes

The bike comes in regular, classic, black, and sporting white designs, with the regular costing around $449.99 and the classic for $599.99, and the black and white for $659.99, all of which are more affordable than the Pedego bikes.

Another Pedego alternative is the ECOTRIC Fat Tire ELectric Bike. This bike uses a 500W brushless motor in the rear assembly to drive it, powered by a 36V lithium cell battery. It can go a maximum of 20 mph and travel over 19 miles. The bike can travel on pure electric power or work in pedal assist mode, which provides power when pedaling. The fat tires give the bike the ability to go off road while remaining stable and keeping the rider safe. Mechanical and outage braking helps riders keep safe speeds and stop without problems. There is even an LCD display panel that shows the speed.

The ECOTRIC bike comes in black, blue, and orange and cost around $829.00. The handlebar height isn’t adjustable, but it should fit most users. While a little more costly than the ANCHEER bike, the ECOTRIC is still a reasonable price for the electric bike experience.


The final competitor to the Pedego bikes is the Cyclamatic GTE PRO Step-Through Electric Bike. The 250W brushless motor of this bike uses a 36V 10.4AH lithium battery to drive it from 31 to 37 miles at a max speed of 15 mph. There are six speed Shimano gears and five assistance levels to ride with various levels of power or no power at all. It’s easy to get on and off of this electric bike because it doesn’t have a high frame. The alloy frame is pretty light to help the bike use power efficiently. The bike uses V brakes for speed control and guards on the front and rear for protection from mud. In cases where there is low light, the bike’s front light and reflectors will come in handy.

The Cyclamatic GTE PRO comes in black and costs around $749.99. The classic look of this bike and its useful features make it a good option. While it may not have a foldable frame or display mechanism like some other bikes, it’s still a low cost Pedego alternative that riders would enjoy.

Cyclamatic GTE

Cyclamatic GTE

All of these electric bikes have things that make them special. While the Pedego bikes are good, the options presented here are more within the price range that people are willing to pay for an electric bike. They can go the distance and hop right back on the road after a charge.