Razor Mini Dirt Bikes

There is hardly anything that compares with the excitement of riding a dirt bike over all types of terrain. Not only does this provide an excellent passion for the outdoors and adventure, but it can also place the responsibility of owning and maintaining a simplistic vehicle in the hands of your impressionable youth. This can help to impart valuable lessons on being decisive and competent at a very young age.


Today, the world is making a move from the gas –powered vehicles to the electric powered options that are safer for the environment and provide the same thrills and experience. If you have a young person with a need for passion and outdoor fun, there is hardly a better way to get them away from their mobile devices and engaging in a fun outdoor activity.


In the following article we will take a look at some of the best mini electric dirt bikes from the notable Razor manufacturers. Read on to find that perfect present for your impressionable youngster.


Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Dirt BikeRazor MX350


To begin with, we will take a look at the best value option. The Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Dirt Bike is an attractive and fully-operational option that costs well under the $300 mark (at the time of writing).


For a kid who doesn’t have much experience navigating rough terrain on a two-wheeler, the Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Dirt is a good option. As an entry-level mini electric dirt bike, your favorite youngster will find the perfect introduction to the world of moto-cross at the relatively safe speed of 14 MPH for a full 30 minutes at a time.


Some of the special features found in the Razor MX350 Rocket Electric Dirt include large knobby tires perfect for traversing rough terrain with stability. The high-torque motor also allows for plenty of forward motions without pedal power. This is a great option for anyone over 13 years old and under 140 lbs.


Razor Electric Street Bike

Razor Electric Street Bike


Looking for something a little more practical? Something that can allow your fledgling motorist a real taste for dealing with the driving scenarios likely to be found in the real world? Then the Razor electric street bikes is the perfect option for your mobile youngster. This high-torque chain-driven beauty is built strong for the open road.


Probably best for the slightly older kids (16-years-old), this street bike is equipped with street style wheels, a low-profile wind-screen and variable speeds at a twist-grip throttle. With a potent power source of three sealed lead acid Rechargeable batteries, this mini bike will reach speeds of 17MPH for around 50 minutes.


Some other nice features about the Street Bike from Razor include the soft grips, retractable kickstand and secret storage compartment. With a max weight capacity of 170 pounds this bike will see plenty of use as your child gets older and bigger.


Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650


Our final option in this list of ideal mini bikes for young people, is this impressive all-terrain vehicle with authentic dirt bike geometry. This potent ride is powered by a potent 650-Watt Electric motor and capable of reaching a top speed of 17MPH.


Planning on heading out on the rocky road? This baby has the dual suspension to keep all contact points cushioned from the bumps and breaks of an off-road environment. Furthermore, knobby tires will ensure the greatest power transfer and stability. The riser handlebars are also especially popular for those longer rides where comfort is important.


This is a good option for those 16 and older and can carry the weight of a fully-grown 220-lb adult. So, you can even take it out for some fun in the outdoors if you feel inclined – to test the safety and stability, of course! One important thing to note is that failure to keep the batteries charged consistently can result in a dead battery that will no longer accept a charge.


Final Notes on selecting the Best Mini Electric Bikes


In your purchasing, never forget the importance of safety and security on the road. Even though they seem toyish in their size and presentation, these are costly and dangerous vehicle’s. Be sure your little friend is not on the roads or off-road without a helmet and protective motocross gear. Furthermore, you will want a suitable security system as it will only take a second for a crook to swipe these impressive bikes.