Razor MX350

With the endless number of options on the market, finding the right e-bike can be a struggle. If you are in the market for an e-bike for a kid aged 13 or up, you might come across the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike. This particular bike packs a lot of value for its respective price. In this article, we will be going over more about this bike in our comprehensive review.

Razor MX350Razor MX350

Our Razor MX350 Electric Motocross Bike Review

Build Quality

This bike features a build makeup of steel construction which makes it much more durable than some of the other bikes you will find available. The bike also features large pneumatic knobby tires that are geared for off-roading on dirt surfaces. The tires are 12-inch thick which helps deal with uneven surfaces and rough terrain. The handlebars feature soft rubber grips that are very comfortable to hold.


As far as performance is concerned, the bike is capable of maxing out at 14 miles per hour. This should provide plenty of speed for those that are looking to ride on dirt surfaces. Along with this, the thick tires allow for sharp turns to be taken with ample grip. The battery is capable of providing a full 30 minutes of continuous use which means the bike won’t need to be recharged right in the middle of a riding session. Luckily, the e-bike also features a whisper-quiet motor which will provide ample power without the sound to match. The bike itself is a single speed bike with a chain-driven motor.


This bike is meant to mimic a real motocross bike that you would find being sold on the market. From the looks, it does a very good job of it. Not only does the bike look like a motocross bike that you would see professionals ride, but it even feels like one. The bike features a retractable kickstand, folding footpegs, twist-grip acceleration, a hand-operated rear brake and large knobby tires which can handle off-road conditions.

Pros Of The Razor MX350:

1. Looks

One of the things that stands out when you first glance at the MX350 has to be the looks. Razor did an incredible job of getting this e-bike to truly stand out on the marketplace and to look like a scaled-down version of the real thing. Kids will love that this e-bike looks and feels like the real deal.

2. Razor Brand

Another thing to love about the MX350 is the fact that it is built and produced by Razor. Razor is the clear leader in the industry when it comes to making e-bikes like this for kids. With Razor, you are getting a product from one of the most established brands on the market that is known for producing the highest quality products.

3. Good Usability

Not only is the e-bike extremely fun to use, but it is very easy to use, as well. It comes with a very ergonomic design with adjustable riser handlebars for a very comfortable ride. Along with this, it features thick tires which makes it good for balancing and riding on dirt paths.

4. Speed and Power

This bike is capable of reaching 14 miles per hour which is a tremendous feat given how quiet the motor is during operation. Not many other pocket dirt bikes that you will find on the market can offer this level of speed and power.

Cons Of The Razor MX350:

1. Price

As with just about anything as quality as this bike, you will need to spend more. The fact is, Razor makes some of the most impressive products and this is no exception. However, it is not going to be as affordable as the other pocket dirt bikes that you will find being sold by other companies.

Overall, the Razor MX350 is one of the best pocket dirt bike e-bikes that you will find on the entire marketplace. It offers a good balance between style and function. It is easily one of the most fun e-bikes to ride given its stylish appeal and its great performance. Along with this, it has everything that you would want or expect in a scaled-down version of a motocross bike.