Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

While shopping for an electric mountain bike, you are likely to come across the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 given its stellar rating across various marketplaces. This particular bike has received high praise for valid reasons. Below, we will be going over more about this bike in our review of the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1.

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

eBicycleSite Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike Review


One of the key things that you are likely going to be concerned with when you are in the market for an electric mountain bike would be usability. After all, you want something that is going to add value to your rides and not force you into a ride experience that makes your life more difficult. This particular bike is extremely easy to use. It features a Class 1 pedal assist which is very easy to use because the motor kicks in as soon as you begin pedaling. This makes not only using the bike as easy as possible, but it can make your long commutes seem much shorter by making it easier to ride and by getting you where you are going much faster. The bike itself features (3) distinct levels of pedal assist including low, medium, and high settings. You can easily select from these settings directly on the handlebar and it features a built-in 21-speed quick change gear system that you will be able to engage for hills and severe inclines.


Whenever you are in the process of shopping for an electric bike, you are likely to value performance over pretty much anything else. After all, you want a bike that is going to be able to handle what you are using it for. Along with this, you want a bike that will be able to add a level of convenience to your life. With subpar performance, you might find yourself having to cater your usage due to the limitations of your bike. Luckily, the CX1 outperforms its predecessor and a lot of the other bikes on the market with its brand new and upgraded removable rechargeable Li-ion battery. Because it is easy to remove, it makes recharging the battery much easier than you might expect. Each charge takes around 4 to 6 hours and each full recharge can provide anywhere from 25 to 31 miles on normal terrain at average speeds of 15 miles per hour. Because the battery itself is fully protected and sealed, it is capable of handling wet conditions.


Another key thing that you are likely going to be factoring in your decision would be the comfort level that the bike provides. This particular model provides superior comfort because it features a 19-inch steel frame with a padded saddle and sufficient front suspension. Along with this, it offers an ergonomic design with high-quality 26-inch Kenda Tyres and 21 Shimano-gears for extremely smooth shifting for a much more comfortable ride.

What’s To Like?

1. Versatility

Because it fears 21 gear-speeds and because the bike can be used with or without the motor, it offers a lot of versatility that you might be looking for in an electric mountain bike.

2. Build Quality

The bike features a durable steel frame with strong brakes and Shimano gears which is an outstanding value.

3. Minimal Assembly Required

When you buy this bike, you won’t find yourself spending hours assembling it. The bike comes with a minimal assembly of under 5 minutes.

Who Is This Bike For?

The CX1 is tailored to those that are looking for a complete package. If you are looking for an electric mountain bike that is going to be fun and easy to use, this is one of the top options available. Not only does it feature an ergonomic and stylish design, but it also has a lot of features that you would want to find in a mountain bike. It can be used with and/or without the motor. It offers plenty of continuous use to make it a very practical bike for those that are looking to use it for their commutes. The new and upgraded battery in it packs a punch and it makes it very easy to recharge the bike without having to continually bring the bike near an outlet to do so. It is simply one of the better values on the marketplace because it has everything that you would want and/or need in an electric mountain bike.