Monster Moto Electric Mini Bike

The Monster Moto Electric Mini Bike is one of the highest-rated mini bikes on the market. It comes with a very cool design and it offers a lot of value for the money. If you have been looking at and/or considering buying the Monster Moto Electric Mini Bike, you will want to check out what we have to say about it in our review.

Monster Moto Electric Mini BikeMonster Moto Electric Mini Bike


eBicycleSite Monster Moto Electric Mini Bike Review


This bike stands out on the market with a unique and very cool design. The decals on the bike stand out in their muddy girl pink color. The bike itself looks like a ‘monster’ bike considering its heft and design. The style makes the entire bike look extremely impressive and capable of tackling riding on even the roughest terrain.


This bike looks as durable as it is. It features a reinforced welded tube steel frame along with no-dent fenders which can help to ensure that the bike is going to withstand the elements of handling virtually every terrain and condition. The build quality is very good considering the entire unit is made up of a steel frame that is not going to have any ‘give’ to it.


Whenever you are shopping for a mini bike that kids are going to be riding, you want to be certain that the necessary safety precautions were taken during its construction. That is exactly what you are getting when you buy the Monster Moto bike. You are getting a bike that features a chain guard and a heat shield for the exhaust to protect the rider. Along with this, it features a stop switch which can help the rider have complete control if they need to stop it immediately for any reason. It even features a hand-operated rear disc brake which can help the rider control their braking and to stop reliably each time. Safety should be one of the main considerations whenever you are shopping for an e-bike and this one has all of the safety features that you would want.

Riding Performance

When you are shopping around for an e-bike, another factor that is likely to make or break your purchasing decision would be the riding performance. This particular e-bike offers superb riding performance with its powerful 80CC valve engine. Along with this, it even has an automatic clutch that helps kids effectively operate the e-bike without having to worry about manually changing gears. Because the tires offer extreme grip, they should be able to offer ample tracking and handling on both slick and rough terrain. The seat is padded and large enough to provide ample surface for comfortable seating during longer riding sessions.


1. Simple Setup

Unlike some of the other e-bikes, you will find being sold on the market, this one comes pre-assembled. Therefore, you will be able to get the bike operational in minimal time. All you need to do is utilize the included tool kit to attach the handlebars and to add gas and you are good to go.

2. Safety

As mentioned, this bike takes safety seriously. The rider has a lot of safety precautions making it one of the safer options to choose from on the marketplace.

3. Speed

Unlike other bikes you will find, this one is capable of really going fast. Because this bike features a plenty powerful 80CC/2.5HP engine, it can top out at 23 miles per hour. Therefore, it is easily one of the faster bikes on the marketplace and it can deliver in the speed department.

4. Style

If your kid is one that is picky when it comes to style and looks, this one will surely deliver. It features a very unique and cool color combination with very trendy graphics.


1. Expensive

This bike is not at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to pricing. Therefore, you will be spending on the mid range to the upper range if you opt for this bike. However, it delivers good value for the money.

In the end, this is a very unique mini bike that can deliver exceptional value for the money. It is a bike that offers excellent performance and one that doesn’t sacrifice in build quality. If you are looking for a mini bike for your kid that offers a good balance of safety and performance, you can’t go wrong with the Monster/Mega Moto 80CC.